Martyn Perks, Independent

Standing for election in May 6 by-election, Bunhill Ward, Islington


Not Labour, not Tory, or from a lobby group.


I will overturn Labour’s monopoly on power! For far too long, Bunhill and Islington residents’ voices have been ignored!


Overturn & stop all LTN road-closures

Address the growing crime problem

Reject the Town Hall’s costly bureaucracy


I’m a long-time Islington resident. I’ve lived in Bunhill off Goswell Road for eight years until 2019 when I moved over the road to Wharf Road in St Peter’s.

I’m self-employed, and advise organisations on how to boost their internal communications and productivity. Amongst many things, since the pandemic began, I’ve volunteered with my local Covid support group, and am in a group who mentor visually impaired budding guitar players.

Usually on a weekend — especially if the sun is out — you’ll find me cycling in London and further afield. A growing habit especially since I gave up my beloved car due to the rising cost of owning one.

Why am I standing? Put simply, I’m a passionate democrat, I want more of say in how we live our lives.

Like many other local residents, I’m tired of being preached to and lectured to by town-hall politicians, bureaucrats and lobby groups. It’s time these self-serving busy-bodies lost their power over us.

The Council has to stop closing roads and public services without asking us. I’m fed up with being told how to live. I don’t want to hear again about the ‘health benefits’ of walking and cycling everywhere to justify why they closed our roads to cars.

For many years, what we think and want has been mostly ignored or belittled. I want to fight for what local people want: a proper say in the decisions made by the local Council in our name.

Councillors have been taking voters for granted for too long. Instead of initiating proper debate, they conduct endless, box-ticking, sham ‘public’ consultations, which reduces us to data-points in an excel spreadsheet.

Local democracy needs to revitalized. The ‘old’ style, partisan, party politics needs to be put out of its misery. We can do things better.

As local people, we all know what is really in our best interests. For example, without any official prompts, many local people in Islington (and across the entire country) created Covid support groups without being given permission.

Likewise, the many local anti-road closure campaigns have shaken the town-hall bureaucrats. Together, we have organised our opposition, channeled our anger, and re-established thriving networks and communities between ourselves.

Our organization, anger and trust in one another has given us – once again – a sense of our own power. That’s why I’m standing. We need to call time on the ‘we-know-best contempt’ for the ordinary people.

We need to kick the self-servers off the Council. And re-establish our voices!

Vote for Martyn Perks, Bunhill Ward, Islington, 6 May.

If you would like to get in touch, offer support, ideas email me on


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