Niall Crowley, Independent

Standing for election in May 6 by election, Hackney East

Why Hoxton Matters.

We urgently need to get our city back to life and back to work. Choosing an effective Mayor of London would help, but there’s so much more at stake in the 6 May local elections.

Here in Hoxton East & Shoreditch we have a huge opportunity on polling day. Hackney Council is no longer fit for purpose. The imposition of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and road blocks is undemocratic, and has exposed its callous disregard for our elderly, disabled and families.

If we can win here on 6 May it would strike a massive, democratic blow against an administration that treats us with contempt and is running our borough into the ground.

Success for a grassroots, democratic campaign in Hoxton will send shockwaves across Hackney and London alike. It will give us citizens a chance to turn things around.

Over the last six months I have helped to organise the largest anti-road closure campaign in the country. It shows local residents at their best, with a wealth of experience, creativity and energy to help us solve so many of the problems and difficulties we now face.

We need a real democratic say. We need a range of views and opinions about how our borough and our communities are run. Putting a stop to the programme of road closures is just the beginning.



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