We are democrats who believe in dialogue, taking the public seriously as capable, active citizens. Let’s defend our right to make our own choices, without being patronised, preached to or demonised. Come join us!

Introducing the May 6 London by-election candidates

Niall and Martyn are standing under a common Independent banner, with a commitment to represent local people in their respective communities. 


Niall Crowley, Independent candidate Hackney East, Hackney

We urgently need to get our city back to life and back to work. Choosing an effective Mayor of London would help, but there’s so much more at stake in the 6 May local elections.

Here in Hoxton East & Shoreditch we have a huge opportunity on polling day. Hackney Council is no longer fit for purpose. The imposition of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and road blocks is undemocratic, and has exposed its callous disregard for our elderly, disabled and families.

Martyn Perks, Independent candidate, Bunhill, Islington

Why am I standing? Put simply, I’m a passionate democrat, I want more of say in how we live our lives. Like many other local residents, I’m tired of being preached to and lectured to by town-hall politicians, bureaucrats and lobby groups. It’s time these self-serving busy-bodies lost their power over us.

The Council has to stop closing roads and public services without asking us. I’m fed up with being told how to live. I don’t want to hear again about the ‘health benefits’ of walking and cycling everywhere to justify why they closed our roads to cars.

MP biog shot

Church St Low-Traffic Neighbourhood scheme


Ever since introduction of LTNs during Covid, they have been one of the most hotly contested and divisive issues seen in local politics for some time.

Thur 30 September, 7pm,

The Mildmay Club,

33-34 Newington Green, London N16 9PR


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